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cvs version works with gtkmm-2.4 and above

After some quite long hiatus I've started work on plotmm again. Meanwhile, I've received a number of patches to make plotmm work with both gtkmm-2.0 and gtkmm-2.4/2.6. These are now in CVS and can be tested.
There were also some suggestions regarding a small tutorial and a really simple example (the one originally included got a little bit bloated on the way) - I'm currently looking into this.
I've also started to experiment with debian packages, so there may be one with the next release.

Posted by gandy 2005-11-10

Port to gtkmm-2.4 under way; Donations now possible

In order to keep up with recent GTKmm development we have startet work on the PlotMM port to GTKmm-2.4. Stay tuned to check out the port as soon as it's ready. As usual you are invited to test the new version and report any problems back to us.

If you find PlotMM extremely useful for your everyday's work and you want to support its development apart from bugreports, bugfixes and active development, you can now donate to the project. Any help and/or donation is highly appreciated.

Posted by gandy 2004-09-28

New update release 0.1.1

There's a new release around introducing some bugfixes of the original code and several new features. The API now provides signals for handling mouse events on the plot canvas and methods supporting rectangular selections (e.g. for manual zooming into the data). All new features are demonstrated in the example application.

Posted by gandy 2004-07-08

Initial release

This is the very first release. It already contains a functional plot widget featuring axis labels, tick marks and labels, data curves with different styles and symbols, and a simple test application to demonstrate how to use this.
In its current state, PlotMM is considered unstable since the API is subject to changes.

Posted by gandy 2004-03-04