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lmtpd 0.10.8 release

This release fixes a bug in configure that broke FreeBSD port

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2012-02-08

lmtpd 0.10.7 release

This release brings compatibility with libtre >= 0.8

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2010-02-01

Maildir::Quota perl module

A perl version of the libmdq library is now released.

This module allow to edit and check the Maildir++ quota cache
in perl.

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2005-02-03

Maildir++ soft quota library released

The Maildir++ soft quota library used in LMTPD and POPD is released in libmdq package. This library only manage the quota information stored on the maildir, the maildir should to be in Maildir++ format.

The API is simple, theyre is only four functions (open, add, test and close)

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2003-11-25

ClamAV Antivirus interface

LMTPD Release 0.9.6 add ClamAV antivirus interface.
You need clamd server version > 0.60 to use it.

There is also interface for DR.Web and Sophie implemented in previous version.

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2003-09-08

Port to HPUX

In version 0.5, all program have been ported to HPUX.
You need gcc to compile properly on this plateform and few minor features have been disabled due to lack of a POSIX compatible library.

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2002-12-10

Port to Solaris and Linux

lmtpd, popd and libhome have been ported to Solaris and Linux.
They have been lightly tested on this platerforms.
They are still working and heavily tested on FreeBSD

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2002-12-05

First public release of PLL mail delivery mail utilities

First public release of PLL mail delivery utilities. In order to use it, you need to install and configure libhome according your authentication services (MySQL ou LDAP). Then install and configure lmtpd or popd and your SMTP server.

TODO list include more install documenation and porting to other archiectures.

Posted by Laurent Wacrenier 2002-11-21