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Property List Library / Blog: Recent posts

Bugfix release

The 1.0.1 version of the library was just released. This version fixes some bugs, check the [changelog] for more information.

Posted by Yørn de Jong 2011-09-27

First release! Party time!

The first release of the Property List Library is done! This first version has support for reading/writing XML property lists and reading binary property lists. The library has JavaDoc, but a quick guide will be posted soon. You'll find the link to the JavaDoc in the top menu and the download link below!

Posted by Yørn de Jong 2011-09-17

We're getting there

I just completed writing the Javadoc for the NSObject classes. That means that I don't expect to change much more to them. Next on the agenda is Javadoccing the XML writer, and both the XML and Binary parsers. I finished them some days ago, but I don't want to commit something without Javadoc.

So the first alpha version can be expected soon! Keep tuned!

Posted by Yørn de Jong 2011-09-08