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PLDoc 1.5.21 Adds Latin Extended Character Support

PLDoc Bug #111

Support for some German extended characters and some special characters was added in the late 2000s. These characters seemed to be encoded in the WIN-1252 character set and when development moved to Linux/Mac, the German character encoding seemed to be corrupted.

The extended characters have now been respecified using Unicode code points and tested against an Oracle AL32UTF8 database

Posted by Stuart Turton 2018-01-01

PLDoc PMD Integration - pldoc-pmd-plugin

PLSQL support was incorporated in PMD 5.1.0 - the PLDoc project has just published a minimal fork of maven-pmd-plugin: pldoc-pmd-plugin has the ability to read the database and generate JXR-like links to source code scraped by the maven-pldoc-plugin.

The pldoc-pmd-plugin can create CPD and PMD reports and so supersedes the current PLDoc CPD plugin - however as that plugin is entirely under the PLDoc project's control, so can add changes and fixed faster. ... read more

Posted by Stuart Turton 2014-08-17 Labels: pldoc pmd

Recent Updates in PLDoc

Interschema links are now generated using private synonyms where available.

There also have been minor fixes to the parser to support more reserved words which are also allowed PL/SQL names.

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-11-13

PLDoc Maven Plugin - 3.0.1 - multiple source directories

Before 3.0.0, only one source directory could be specified.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... read more

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-07-22

11g and 12C updates in 1.5.4

These changes are available in 1.5.4

  • Write HTML pages in subdirectories - allowing duplicate object names in different schemas, without overwriting previous pages.
  • Support 12c ACCESSIBLE BY clause
Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-07-21 Labels: 11g

New Option - Save Source Code

PLDoc and the other projects now offer the ability to save database source code to the file system during processing.

This is especially useful when using CPD or maven-cpd-plugin with XML format output, as the application will automatically generate the corresponding HTML page, with links to the saved source code files.

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-05-16

Maven CPD Plugin 0.0.8

Previous versions all exited on completion, meaning that they broke any Maven site generation.

Version 0.0.8 fixes this problem

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-04-28

PLDoc 1.3.11 et al - PLScope fixes - Maven Dependencies Aligned

There are new releases of PLDoc and downstream Maven projects.

I found some problems with identifying calls to standalone objects (PROCEDURE and FUNCTIONS); I also encountered problems running the 2 Maven plug-ins, possibly because they were dependent on different versions of PLDoc and PMD.

The response was to issue all 4 Maven projects with aligned core versions:-

PMD - 5.0.3
PLDoc - 1.3.11

If you do request plscope - PLScope identifier and call information is merged with PLDoc parse information.... read more

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-04-12 Labels: plscope graph pldoc

PLDoc 1.3.10 - now with PL/Scope !!!

There is a new PLDoc release (and an associated maven-pldoc-plugin release - 2.19) that has 2 new features:-

  • Minimal support for CREATE [ OR REPLACE ] ... JAVA ... statements - Database Java may now have the same visibility that PL/SQL does.

Support is limited - it currently takes the @headcom comment from the CREATE ... JAVA statement. It does not pull the Javadoc from the Java source.... read more

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-04-09 Labels: pldoc plscope java

PLDoc Project Changes

New Release Process

Sometime after August of last year the legacy automated background process that synchronised PLDoc releases on Sourceforge to the Maven Central repository was turned off. Since then there have been several releases which did not appear in

We have just got around to changing the projects to use the recommended approach to pushing releases to Maven Central: they now go via the Sonatype OSS repository. The backlog of invisible releases has been released manually and the Maven projects are currently being altered to deploy to the OSS Maven repository. ... read more

Posted by Stuart Turton 2013-03-31 Labels: pldoc migration OSSRH

This experimental release contains code kindly submitted by Matthias Hendler. The code is not yet integrated into main branch and there may be yet some bugs and incosistencies in it. Nevertheless, I feel that the code should be released AS IS and as early as possible.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2006-05-30

Release 0.8.3

After long pause, a new release is out.
See change log for details.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2006-01-22

Maven plugin available

Thanks to Christophe Grosjean, we have now Maven plugin for pldoc:

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2006-01-20

Request-for-enhancement section removed

From now on, if you want to submit a feature request, do it under Bugs.
It is easier to maintain one list of problems/enhancements instead of two.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2004-07-21

Nightly builds available

We introduce a possibility to download "unstable" versions of PLDoc:

Hope this will help those users who need the latest features and bug fixes but are reluctant to build it yourself from CVS.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2003-07-16

Help wanted

There is a couple of feature requests under the PLDoc project
that maybe You can help to implement:

770952 GUI frontend for pldoc
769012 Ant target

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2003-07-16

New Home Page

pldoc home page is updated, to give some quick information for newcomers:

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2003-01-07

Release 0.6

This release includes some bugfixes and enhancements.
Next release will hopefully address processing of functions, procedures and package bodies.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-04-29

Mailing list created

To facilitate free discussion on PLDoc, a mailing list is created.
Go to to subscribe.
Whatever you have to say is welcome.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-04-15

Release 0.5

This is kind of intermediate release: some issues I have tried to resolve are not yet 100% resolved.
But as it passed regression tests, I have decided to release what I have, according to "release early, release often" principle.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-03-31

Release 0.4

Includes some bug fixes as well as new functionality.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-03-09

Released PLDoc 0.3

Some small but useful changes.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-03-01

PLDoc release 0.2 available

Unlike the first release, this is not more considered a demo. See release notes for the list of improvements.

Posted by Albert Tumanov 2002-02-11