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Web site online again

Plasmakin web site is back. Pages have been updated and conversion to php is under way.
Soon an images page and a link to a documentation wiki will be available.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-12-02

Better error control

The handling of errors has been improved. A new logical variable <em>pkHandleErrors</em> defines if errors are handled by PLASMAKIN or if an error code is passed to the user' program for processing.
The error messages now indicate the location of the error, the error code and, if the error is on a namelist, the type and number. If the error condition is on reading data on a database, a table and row index are also printed.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-11-30

Code in svn

A svn repository was created with the present (development) version.
The old cvs repository has been removed.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-04-04

More compilation results...

Several tests in Mac OS X (Darwin) and Windows XP with Cygwin.
Library compiles in Darwin but Python tests fail because Darwin doesn't include ldconfig. The loading of the Python module has to be changed.
In Cygwin with gfortran 4.4, the first 13 of 17 tests are successful. Those remaining are the Python tests. gfortran 4.3 is unable to compile the library, confirming that also in this platform this compiler version has errors.
However in Cygwin only the static library are built (what automaticaly excludes Python support).
The development of the next version has resumed.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-04-04

Plasmakin version 1.6.1 release

PLASMAKIN is a package to handle physical and chemical data used in plasma physics modeling and to compute gas-phase and gas-surface kinetics data: particle production and loss rates, photon emission spectra and energy exchange rates.
It includes a species and reactions sqlite database, a clemical kinetics library and a Python module interface.

This is a bug fix release. However the handling of reaction groups has been extended to split reactions of type: 'A + B2[X,v] -> AB[X,v] + B'
The automatic test system has been extended and improved.
This version has been tested with several compilers (gfortran, g95 and ifort) and platforms (Linux, i686 and x86_64; Mac Darwin and Windows XP).
The package can be dowloaded from sourceforge ( read more

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-03-31

Release plan updated

The release plan made in January is already behind one month. It's about time to update it. So a more realistic schedule taking into account conferences and papers is the following:
V 1.6.1 (a bug correction release): March, 28
V 1.7.0 (with simulation of atomic emission spectra): April, 25
V 1.7.x (manual updated): June, 14
V 1.8.0 (with electron kinetics): October

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-03-20

Compilation results for v1.6.0

In the last days I have compiled the last version in several platforms with mixed results. The results up to now are the following:
Platform: Linux, x68-64 + gfortran 4.3.2: all test successful;
Platform: Linux, i386 + gfortran 4.3.2: partial compilation, libtool complains about the module pkbase.mod produced by the compiler (?);
Platform: Linux, i386 + gfortran 4.2.4: all test successful;
Platform: Linux, i386 + g95 0.92: the library compiles. However with sqlite3 support the tests can not be linked to Without sqlite3 support, all tests compile but several of them fail.
Most (if not all) of these errors seem to be related to the compilers or to the instalation and not to Plasmakin itself.
In the next days we will try to solve these issues and release v1.6.1, a bug correction version.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-03-15

Version 1.6.0 released

With one month of delay version 1.6.0 has finally been released.
This version brings a full integration between a species and reactions database, the data processing module, the chemical kinetics module and the Python interface.
A colection of regression tests was implemented and several bugs were corrected.
According to the release plan, the next version will be released in a few weeks and include a new set of routines to simulate the emission spectra of atomic gases.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-03-12

Release plan

For several reasons the release of a new version of Plasmakin has been delayed more than I expected.
However we have set a release plan based on specifications but we hope to be able to adhere to the planned dates:
Version 1.6.0 - much improved building system, with support to MS Windows; species and reactions database (sqlite); support of species in local thermodinamic equilibrium; improvements on libck; a few errors corrected; regression tests. Also from this version pypk will be fully integrated in the package - 1st week of February;
Version 1.7.0 - new routine in libck to simulate atomic emission spectra; more regression tests - end of February;
Version 1.7.1 - Documentation updated - end of March;
Version 1.8.0 - New library (libek) for the electron kinetics - end of May.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2009-01-18

Major update of PLASMAKIN on the way...

In the last months PLASMAKIN has been under heavy development and a new version will be available in the following weeks.
The main changes include:
- Splitting the library in sub-packages:
+ Data reading and processing,
+ Common functions,
+ Chemical kinetics,
+ Electron kinetics (being integrated),
+ Ion transport properties (planned).
- Adoption of "Autotools" to simplify building and instalation in different operationg systems,
- Use of a sqlite database as an alternative to ASCII datafiles,
- New routines in the chemical kinetics module to compute the emission spectum of atomic lines both for thin and thick lines and taking into account a large number of broadening mechanisms (Doppler, Pressure, Stark),
- The integration of a multiterm electron Boltzmann equation solver (for constant E field) is presently being developed,
- The Python interface has been extended,
- Some more tests and example programs have been added...... read more

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2008-09-08

pypk 0.1.1 uploaded

Minor changes in README file and clean up of the package file. The code is unchanged.
The previous version has been removed.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2008-04-24

pypk 0.1.0 uploaded

First version of Python module pypk has been uploaded. This version works with libpk 1.5.1

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2007-11-30

libpk 1.5.1 uploaded

Version 1.5.1 of the libpk library has been released.

Posted by Nuno R. Pinhão 2007-09-03

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