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planetGenesis 1.6 released

New planetGenesis 1.6 features...

New Combiners
- SetX, SetY and SetZ.
These take the value generated by the left hand side noise and replace
either the X, Y or Z co-ordinate feed to the right hand side noise.

New output
- Yayray xml output.

New improvements
- Worley based noises are 10 - 20% quicker.
- Perlin noise has had a 1% improvement.

Bug fixes
- Random seed now random :-)

Posted by David Burnett 2005-12-18

planetGenesis 1.5 released

VargolSoft is pleased to announce a new release of planetGenesis, a Java heightfield and 3D mesh generator.

New Noises
- Solid Worley

New improvements
- There's now a copy option for noise engines
- The mouse pointer is now context sensitive

Posted by David Burnett 2005-07-16

planetGenesis 1.3 released

New features...

941268: Double Click to bring up the properties.
941306: "Randomize" button for seed values.
941308: Increased size of value fields
941312: Zoom options.
945955: RoughScale function (roughly scales the current noise)

New noises PerlinWorley and SummedPerlinWorley.
A neutral background colour for the 3D preview so darker bitmaps show up better.
Only one 3D preview window.
3D preview now updates current 3D window.
Dialogues stay on top.
Tweaked Terragen settings to use minimum and maximum heights like Terragen.
A No Operation function, acts as a pass through.
Warnings for NaN's from combiners.... read more

Posted by David Burnett 2004-07-03

New release pG 1.2

New features...

pG can now create Terragen terrain (ter) files.
Summed Worley noise engine, that adds the distances to the nearest n neighbours.
Maximum and Minimum Noise Combiners (thanks to Ralf).


Tidied up dialogues.
Invalid file names are picked up before calculating noise rather than after.
Misc. fixes for bugs you never probably knew about.

Posted by David Burnett 2004-05-16