#16 Issues while accessing System tables


In pklite under Schema menu item user can get the list
of database object (table, procedure, index etc).

Intern the software makes a query on system schema.
Normally databases don't provide rights to access the
system table.

According to me you should either use publicly available
views (instead of table) or use DatabaseMetadata to
fetch these informations.

Wating to know your views.

Ashish Srivastava


  • dengar

    dengar - 2004-09-24

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    Your right this is one of the major problems with version 1
    of this software. I have tried to address this issue in
    version 2 by allowing the user to define the SQL statement
    to fetch this info on a per database level. I am hoping to
    have an alpha of version ready in the next week or two. If
    you can provide any information on these public views for
    any database please feel free to email it to me and I will
    include it with the next build. If you have any other
    issues or suggestions to make this program better please let
    me know. I am always looking for ways to make this program

    If I could ask one thing of you, could you send me your
    general thoughts/feels about this program? I use it
    everyday but I need some perspective from another user. Let
    me know.


  • dengar

    dengar - 2004-09-28
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  • Ashish Srivastava

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    Hi Chris,

    Sorry! for delayed response.

    According to SQL99 specification all public views comes under
    SCHEAMA "Information_schema". Catalog of this schema is
    system dependent. If we take the example of Daffodil DB it
    create this schema under SYSTEM catalog. (You can refer to
    SQL99 specification).

    I feel intereacting with DatabaseMeta data for these
    information is better approach, because you will not find much
    variation amond different databases even if they are
    compliant with different SQL specifications. If you say I can
    provide you the complete specification document of SQL99.
    You can also refer to document provided with Daffodil DB.

    If would love to contribute in this project (I will see how can I
    spare the time).

    Ashish Srivastava
    Daffodil DB Team member

  • dengar

    dengar - 2004-09-28

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    The best/easiest way to help is by creating a dialect for
    your DB. If you look at my DatabaseDialect interface you
    will see that there are only 8 methods to implement and then
    all features in my program will work with your DB. Let me know


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