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Version 1.1

Little fixes and such.
And some very bad news: Pixgui/Qt breaks when too many icons are sent to icon window (when clicking on a tag/directory). For linux, (32 bit/4GB) the limit seems to be about 4K icons. Win32, same hardware, the limit seems to be a lot lower, about 500 icons. This issue will be addressed in the upcoming version, where the number of incoming icons will have to be limited somehow.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2011-03-01

Version 1.0 at last!

After long delays, version 1.0 is finally ready. Basic functionality is finished and stable.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2011-02-05

Good news!

* Version 1.0 coming up real soon for all supported platforms - pending tester's go
* Chil will program the picture viewer widget

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-10-03

The project gets a tester!

PixTagger is proud to welcome PalleP to he project!

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-08-17

Win32 version cleaned up

Win32 version was cleaned, happily lost 2MB. Also got a new release file.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-08-16

First Win32 version arrives!

With some difficulty, a Win32 compile was produced.
As rar-archive in download area.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-08-15

PixTagger goes graphics!

PixTagger has now entered the Qt-phase, and the GUI-work has been initiated parallel to the database backend jobs.

PixTagger can browse file systems, generate thumbs and view pictures. The database backend is utilised for thumbnail cache and picture detail storage, the latter to be used by the tagging engine.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-08-05

New developer on PixTagger project

PixTagger is proud to promote Chil to developer on the project.

Posted by Nopsoft.dk 2010-06-23