Procedural Primitives

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-02-04

    I am using procedural primitives. I have about 1000 calls to external program that generates approximately 10MB of geometry for each call. First of all, after each call of external program some rndr zomby child gets left behind. So in the end I have as many zomby rndrs as there were external program calls. Well, that could be easilly fixed by putting waitpid in ri.cpp. Second issue, that really is a problem for me is that memory of procedural primitives are not freed, it grows with each call to external program and eventually I cannot have more than 300 procedural objects on my 32-bit machine, because rndr process dies when it reaches 3GB margin. Is it memory leak or pixie is designed keep all that data around for some purposes?

  • Okan Arikan

    Okan Arikan - 2010-12-02

    Firstly, sorry about the incredibly late response.

    Hmmm, this may be a bug. If you have raytracing turned on, then Pixie will keep all data around. Otherwise the memory should be freed as soon as possible.



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