Environment variable

  • Ray

    Ray - 2010-02-23

    Hi, i have installed pixie on Ubuntu 9.10 64bit

    I did the installation described in documentation and set my .bashrc:

    export PIXIEHOME=/usr/local/pixie
    export PATH=$PATH:$PIXIEHOME/bin

    but pixie don'work.

  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-03-19

    Hi marea2, maybe you must set the DISPLAYS variable to the displays directory.

    You can get Deb packages here: https://launchpad.net/~gabriel-inv/+archive/pixie/


  • Hibou57

    Hibou57 - 2011-10-31

    I encountered the same. It seems to me, either Pixie's documentation is wrong or either Pixie on its own is wrong.

    In short, setting the PIXIEHOME environment variable is not enough, you also have to set SHADERS too.

    If you are running Ubuntu or anything similar, you may append this to your “.profile” file (an hidden file of your home directory):

    export PIXIEHOME="/usr/share/Pixie"
    export SHADERS="$PIXIEHOME/shaders"

    I bet at least the documentation should be fixed about it.


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