Senobyte - 2012-06-07

Hello everyone,
I have become aware of Pixie and am fond of it, but have had trouble with the tutorials on the Wiki site because I am using the latest version which does not render the examples correctly. I am not sure what changes would need to made to the RIB files to get them entirely right. My next issue is in trying to build Pixie on my Palm Pixi phone which has a Debian GNU/Linux chroot system installed. I have many packages such as build-essential, etc. and the ./configure seemed to go well (though it denied my having FLTK installed when I swear I do!) but the build fails. If I get a response, I will post the specific error. Other than that I really appreciate the work that was done and hope to the silicon gods that we can revive the project! I am very impressed by the main gallery and would like to add my own things rendered on my humble machines (ie Nokia N800, Palm Pixi, Zipit Z2 wireless messenger running Debian Sid, maybe even Ben Nanonote! and of course my HP 2133 mini)

In the meantime I am having fun hacking RIB's with Aqsis, which does work very well on the said phone.