#122 Segmentation fault on x64


With Pixie 2.2.6, and Pixie SVN.
I transcribe a detailed description of the error:

"This bug is actually with Pixie but I've added a "work around" solution
and updated the CVS Revision 1.63 ;-)

This is an issue I've known about with 64 bit build of Pixie for several
months now (my 32 bit Linux and Windows build seemed to work fine). I also
tested shader source against 3Delight, Air and Aqsis and concluded it is an
issue with Pixie that will eventually get fixed. Since it appears
development has stopped on Pixie I've decided to look into this again and
see if I can create a "work around" solution just for Pixie. The problem
appears to be in MOSAICSurface.sl line 181...

if (MatUF_X0[MAT_UF_ISTEXFACEALPHA] != 0 && Name != "")

There's nothing illegal about this line however it seems using AND with
the results of a float and string comparison crashes Pixie with a segfault
:-/ I have fixed this by comparing the float and string in separate



if(Name != "")

This may cause a problem when enabling Blender's TexFace Alpha without an
assigned texture however this is not likely to be used so should be fine in
most cases.

Eric Back (WHiTeRaBBiT)"



  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-03-13

    RIBMosaic log error

  • Okan Arikan

    Okan Arikan - 2010-03-17

    Nice catch Eric,

    I modified the shader in the ZIP file you posted, but could not replicate the problem, Did you build Pixie with regular ".configure make", or did you add any compiler switches?

    Thank you,


  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-03-17


  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-03-17

    Rib test

  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-03-17

    I'm sorry, I forget to put my sign, but the credit is for Erik.

    I have the problem with last SVN, i386 deb package, on single processor 32bit, 64bit and 4core 64 bit machines.
    On both linux 32 and 64 bits.

    Maybe is not a Pixie bug, but a bug on some library (Ubuntu generally uses out of date libs).

    I attached an Image with de debug made with gdb, and the rib file.


  • Cruxic

    Cruxic - 2010-07-09

    I'm experiencing this problem too on Ubuntu 10.04 x64. Modifying the file as Eric suggests avoids the segfault.

    Seems very reproducible on v2.2.6 compiled with standard ./configure (no special compiler flags) (GCC 4.4.3). If I can be of any assistance tracking this one down let me know, Okan.


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