#2 External/Linux_x86_64/Python.tar.gz


I build the external dependency for the GNU/Linux x86_64.
Because the attachments are limited I had to upload it at a different place:


I tested building PLScriptPython with it on my GNU/Linux Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot 11.10 64bit version. It worked.


  • Christian Ofenberg

    To be honest, I'am not sure whether or not we should add prebuild external dependencies, not created by the PixelLight team, to our public official file repository. There would be the need to test it in detail, check for malware and in the same time it would have been possible to build it by self. As for me, I'am unable to check Linux x64 packages because I'am only using x86 under Linux.

    Maybe one could create one place were it's possible to uploaded "inofficial" prebuild external dependencies? And/or we should link from the PixelLight Wiki to these additional sources?

  • Christian Ofenberg

    • status: open --> pending
  • deaf.seven

    deaf.seven - 2011-12-10
    • status: pending --> open
  • deaf.seven

    deaf.seven - 2011-12-10

    Yea, I understand that. I just thought I've built it anyways, so I'll share it.

    I think it's generally an issue that 64bit platforms have less pre-built external dependencies. I think it's just a matter of spending some time once and for all building all the remaining 64bit external dependencies (for GNU/Linux and for Windows).
    And if that's not done by the pixellight team and since you can't really accept the packages from non-pixellight people, then it's just the end-user who's suffering from that (having to build several external dependencies on their own for 64bit platforms). :S

  • Christian Ofenberg

    I totally agree, would be nice to have all (possible) external packages prebuild for all supported platforms. As mentioned, it would be fantastic to have another inofficial place with all missing stuff. Or packages in other versions in case really required.

    For x64 Windows, I already build nearly all packages and uploaded them on http://pixellight.sourceforge.net/externals/Windows_x86_64/ (the tiny rest will follow, but caused issues on the first run)

    Maybe "thewolfwillcome" has time to populate the rest of the http://pixellight.sourceforge.net/externals/Linux_x86_64/ directory.

    As for Mac OS X, this port is currently under construction. That's the reason why there are currently only a few packages available.

  • Christian Ofenberg

    • status: open --> closed

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