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New PiWriting Tools Coming Your Way!
+ * Update Feb 06 2014 * +

Since I noticed yesterday it was PiWriters 1st birthday I thought it is
about time for an update. My initial goal was to clean up the code a bit
and merge PiWriter and PiCloner into one app.
Naturally I didn't stop there and am now working on extending the new app
with some extra features. The new ApplePi suite will have the following features:

* Writing a bootable OS image to SD/USB disks.
* Cloning SD/USB disks into compressed raw images.
* Open the Raspberry Pi downloads page in your default browser.
* Provide links to documentation and HOWTO video's.

Also New:
A Facebook Page to keep you up to date.

At the moment I'm working on implementing the following extras:

* Generate a new SSH key pair.
* Detect your Pi on your network.
* Copy your public key to the Pi's authorized hosts file

for easy access.
* Execute simple remote tasks like: reboot, power off,
start|stop|restart services, update the OS and update the kernel
and modules.
* Add entries to the Pi's or your Mac's /etc/hosts file for
both ad blocking and mock DNS usage for developers and home servers.

Things I would like to include in a future release:

* Extended backup/restore features over SSH or local SD/USB.
* Remote code execution for developers
* Custom OS installation features and custom OS image creation.
* Features for installing additional software on your Pi trough

SSH connections or directly to a mounted SD card containing a
Raspberry Pi OS.
* Boot Raspberry Pi Images and SDcards in a window on
your Mac desktop.
* Start a proxy tunnel between your Mac and your Pi.
* Setup|Start|Connect|Disconnect|Kill a VNC server session.
* Execute GUI applications installed on your Pi in the comfort
of your Mac's desktop trough X11 ==> SSH.

As you can see there will be some major changes but don't worry,
it will keep being plain simple for you to use...
Also I've just come up with a different approach to the way PiWriter
ticks. As it seems there is an even more simple way of doing what
PiWriter does.

So in the next couple of weeks you will see a bunch
of updates to PiWriter, PiCloner will become obsolete and the first
release of the ApplePi suite is just around the corner!


Mount the DMG image and drag the .app file inside it to your
Applications folder or some other location you see fit.

This Project Is Created Using:
* PlatyPuss - http://sveinbjorn.org/platypus

This Project Includes:
* CocoaDialog - http://mstratman.github.com/cocoadialog

Checkout the latest development version with GIT.

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/piwriter/code piwriter

In Finder or Terminal navigate to the piwriter folder downloaded by GIT. Right click on PiWriter.app and select 'Show Package Contents' to browse the code on OS X.

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