#9 pinball-data-extra : share your tables here



let me open this thread to collect additional content ...

If you create a table and want to share it please attach them to this thread,

just open a new patch and attach a new archive :


where name is the name of your table ( data/${NAME} )
and YYYYMMDD the date in the year month day form

Make sure a README.txt file is there and describe sources and licence of files ...

I'll try to integrate the latest versions from time to time ...

Also you can double check them using pinedit
I recently packaged it for debian/ubuntu :



  • rzr

    rzr - 2013-02-27

    let me inform about http://pastefile.com/uploads/gnu.tar.gz

    from BenAsselstine@h..mail.com

    It build easly in data/gnu/
    # rzr@lap:pinball/ # [0] # git diff configure.ac data/Makefile.am
    diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
    index 1cb9e85..c5e08e3 100644
    --- a/configure.ac
    +++ b/configure.ac
    @@ -266,7 +266,10 @@ dnl AC_SUBST(pkgincludedir)

    AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile addon/Makefile base/Makefile data/Makefile
    src/Makefile test/Makefile pinball-config
    - data/tux/Makefile data/professor/Makefile data/hurd/Makefile
    + data/tux/Makefile
    + data/professor/Makefile
    + data/hurd/Makefile
    + data/gnu/Makefile

    diff --git a/data/Makefile.am b/data/Makefile.am
    index 5d4af4e..a74ec7a 100755
    --- a/data/Makefile.am
    +++ b/data/Makefile.am
    @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

    -SUBDIRS = tux professor hurd
    +SUBDIRS = tux professor hurd gnu

    pindatadir = $(datadir)/pinball

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-02-27

    As i made this gnu table, I discovered things about the sources that could be improved.

    1. the build machinery is crufty and needs to be updated.

    2. i can't add a plunger sound in the editor, but i can put it in the pbl file manually.

    3. the texture mapper in the editor doesn't allow for 256x256 textures. the right hand side of the texture isn't shown.

    4. each bumper should have it's own bump signal. maybe i want to give more points to one bumper than another.

    5. each flipper should have it's own flip signal. also there should be flip up and flip down signals.

    6. also i should be able to turn a bumper light on. there is no interface for that. my workaround was to put a light object inside the bumper model.

    7. multiball is broken on the tux table. your "ball" should last until the final active ball dies. but this is not the case on the tux table.

    i tried to track down the bug without much success. it seems the ball gets locked immediately after it is unlocked.
    to remedy this, i tried moving the locked balls away from the lock upon release. this sort of worked, but i still require a kludge to set all balls to ACTIVE once i know they are all active.

  • rzr

    rzr - 2013-02-27


    let me thank you again for your contribution...

    do you plan to be more active than us on this project ?

    I think there is open vacancy to manage a subproject of tables , we will move the pinball-data-extra branch to pinball-data-extra git repo ? with yours and the hurd one ...

    if you're a fedora maniac , let me suggest to try to build the table outside the git tree ... may need to repackage the SDK utilities ...

    relicensing to gpl3 is not an option today , have to contact all authors ...

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-02-27

    Personally I would rather my pinball table be in the main package so that people can play it without having to hunt for it. Because hey, it's better than the tux table in my opinion.

    This gnu table has real drop targets that are animated. Multiball works because I kludged around a bug somewhere in the emilia sources. The sounds are better. It's just more like a real pinball table, and not just a demo about what the API can do.

    Is the git tree really all that different from what's being packaged?

    It is my understanding that you can make the switch to gplv3 instantly because emilia is a gplv2+ project.

    I don't plan on being very active in the emilia codebase. Although I wouldn't mind tracking down the multiball bug that somehow relocks released pinballs. And who knows maybe I'll make another table now that I've gone up the learning curve.

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-02-27

    it would be fairly easy to contact the authors of vector pinball and xtremme pinball about relicensing the various sound flies to gplv2+.

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-02-27

    hey i just noticed a few bugs in the table. i will fix them and provide a new tarball.

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-02-28

    Here is the updated table. http://pastefile.com/uploads/gnu2.tar.gz
    I think it's bug free now.

    I have contacted the authors of xtremme pinball and vector pinball about licensing their gplv3 sounds to gplv2.

  • Ben Asselstine

    Ben Asselstine - 2013-03-06

    i heard back from the developer of xtremme pinball. he says we can use the sounds under the gplv2, but he doesn't know exactly where the sounds came from. but they are probably CC. this is pretty unfortunate... and it is a show-stopper unless other sounds are put in to replace the xtremme pinball sounds.

  • rzr

    rzr - 2015-07-24

    I will test this out ... but as said it would be good to maintain the tables in a separate project , did you manage to build tables without rebuilding the whole project ?

  • Sérgio Monteiro Basto

    No, but the tables have only 23M [1] so to me is not the most important ...

    Anyway since you are back, in this url [2] seems that you done "the house of horror" table , have you all the sources of that table ?


    cd /usr/share/pinball/ ; du -sh
    23M .


  • rzr

    rzr - 2015-07-24

    I think I have them somewhere ... but I dont think they should be mixed and distribuated with emilia sources since I dont have all the copyrights ... I assume it's fair use ... but dont want to taint project

    anyway if you manage to build a pinball-data-extra package with only tables and plugins we can extend the method to that "house of 1000 corpses" table ...

    I am ready to include you in team too ... what do you think about building/ shiping tables separatly ?

    • Sérgio Monteiro Basto

      Have you ever built only tables and plugins ?

  • Sérgio Monteiro Basto

    I don't have problem in building and shipping tables separately. I just think it is unnecessary work.
    New tables have data/professor2/README.txt and data/hurd/README.txt with same license of main project and gnu table from [1] we can ask him to include the same license.

    [1] http://asselstine.com/software/emilia-pinball-tables/

  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

    Thanks for forking on github! It's great to play new tables.

    rzr: do only images and sounds have to be replaced? I might be able to help with that. If it's 3d models as well, I unfortunately have no skills for that.


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