#3 std 3d file format ie vrml


Some Suggestions:

What are the reason to reinventing the weel in building
a 3d editor ?
can't it be a plugin to another one ?

It seems that the GPL'ed http://www.blender3d.org
Supports VRML1 & DXF Export etc

What do you think about using vrml syntax
augmented with the pinball's special notes ?

Actually my favorite format woud be xml, like the X3D

Or at least some converters beetween pbl to xml to
vrml1 to vrml2 etc

If you made some tools (scripts) to convert objects
this would be nice to have in the distribution.

I will tell you more on the vrml stuff soon

### ps: game-testers needed @
http://rzr.online.fr/game ###


  • Henrik Enqvist

    Henrik Enqvist - 2003-03-06

    Logged In: YES

    Reinventing the wheel is sometimes quite fun :). Anyway, I
    would much rather have written a plugin to another editor but
    most of them are for windows or non-free (ac3d, 3DMax, etc)
    and at the time when I needed an editor Blender was unstable
    and unavailable (NaN was bankrupt), and export files with
    Blender at that time was non-trivial.

    The first idea was to make a simple tool that could load
    models from other modelers and then edit the features
    needed by the pinball table. But the editor grew a bit too large...
    sorry about that, I will never write another 3D modeler.

    And yes, importing/exporting other 3d file formats is on my
    todo list.

  • Henrik Enqvist

    Henrik Enqvist - 2003-03-06
    • assigned_to: nobody --> henqvist

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