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New Website

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been working on a overhaul of the Pika website. It should go live near the end of the week.

After the site is up I'll begin work on version 0.11.

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-10-26

Linux Users

Linux users should download the newest version 0.10.1. There is a possibility that earlier version will not compile on certain distributions. Mainly because <algorithm> was not included directly until now.

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-10-07

Pika version 0.10.1

Pika version 0.10.1 is ready and binaries should appear shortly.

Changes Include:
* Annotations using @ character
* Some operators were changed including concat .. and concat space ...
* Array slices now use the keyword 'to'
* Keyword Arguments can be applied to a function call
* You can specify the self object for a function call object=>call(args), should be used when the dot expression will not produce the correct self object.
* Bug fixes
* Updated doc comments

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-10-06

Pika 0.8.0

Pika version 0.8.0 is now in the mercurial repository. As always binaries for Mac OS X and Windows will be released in the coming days. Along with a zip archive of the source code.

Whats New:
* Keyword Arguments
* General bug fixes
* Couple of rare bugs were found and squashed
* Improved LocalsObject
* class and package statements will no longer reopen existing classes/packages. See the mercurial commit message for changeset 125 to find out why its important.

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-09-10

Keyword Arguments

I have a series of Mercurial Patches ready that implement keyword arguments in Pika. I also changed that variable argument syntax to fit in with the new changes.

After I do some testing I will push the changes onto the shared repository.

Also descriptions of the new syntax should appear on the wiki around the time of the next big release (0.8.0).

So stay tuned...

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-09-07

Pika 0.7.0 Released

Version 0.7.0 of the Pika programming language is now officially released. Binaries for various platforms will be made available over the course of the week.

This is a big jump from the last release with a focus on trimming features that aren't needed.

* String literal constructors i.e. "a string {value.format} blah blah!".
* Removed case statement.
* Removed del statement, use Object.remove instead.
* Made assert a function.
* Remove keywords 'then' and 'do'. Instead use a semicolon to continue statement on the same line.
* Change lambda syntax from \(args)-> ... to \(args)=>...
* Integrated PCRE into the code base
* Fixed some parsing bugs
* Removed until, unless statements
* General bug fixes

Posted by RJ Kyle 2010-09-01