Ongoing problems with ICQ protocol?

  • Hi guys,

    I have been following the Pidgin development as of late, since the ICQ trouble in early July.  I have installed the new v2.4.3 under 2 Windows boxes and one Ubuntu box.  On all three, I still seem to be having ICQ connection problems and am wondering if others are also.  The details are:

    "Lost connection with server: Remote host closed connection"

    I am no longer getting the message that my client is too old.

    Is this just me, or is anyone else also having this problem?


    • Oh yes, I forgot to mention.. lol.. that I am having no trouble getting on my Yahoo or MSN accounts, they work fine.

    • Am I doing something wrong?  It's been since July that I can't get on ICQ, yet I can still get on Yahoo and MSN.  I have installed the latest 2.5.1 and still no ICQ.  I can sign in to ICQ using their web client, no problem.  I have removed the .purple data folder, and re-created the account, still no go.  I'm not sure what else to try.  Am I the only one having this problem?  Could ANYone tell me if they can get on their ICQ with Pidgin at all?  Any thoughts?

    • luminous lemon
      luminous lemon

      i can login to icq with no problems. xp sp3 pidgin 2.5.1