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New developer

We would like to welcome cieplik in our development team. He will add some features which were requested.

Posted by Qjuh 2009-09-14

Pidgin-LaTeX 1.3 released

Today we released Pidgin-LaTeX 1.3, which now uses dvipng to convert the LaTeX code to an image which pidgin can display. Advantages of this are, that we have much better antialiasing support and it is much faster too.

Posted by Qjuh 2009-01-25

Pidgin-LaTeX 1.2 released

Pidgin-LaTeX 1.2 displays LaTeX-formulas in IM-Sessions and now also in Chats like IRC. Additionally it is now faster, because several calls are no longer needed because Pidgin takes care of them for us.

Hope you enjoy the new feature, if you have any suggestions or want to help just tell me on the forum or use the trackers.

Posted by Qjuh 2007-12-13

Pidgin-LaTeX 1.0 released

So finally the port to the new Pidgin-API is complete and I'm proud to present Pidgin-LaTeX 1.0 to you. If you still use a Beta of Gaim 2.0.0 please try the gaim-latex-plugin instead (available in the download-section as well). I'm open to comments and/or suggestions about what you think.

Posted by Qjuh 2007-05-20

Long period without work and new developper

Hello everybody,

first of all, I want to excuse me for the long time without any work on gaim-LaTeX. (for different reasons, first of all I don't have a lot of time to work on it, I don't use now a lot of maths in my im-conversations, and I'm use more kopete than gaim as a client)

For all of this, I will stop to develop this, but someone contact me for continue the project. So from now, you have a new developper.... read more

Posted by Yoda222 2007-05-09