#4 Attempting to select Gaim Encryption plugin kills gaim


If you try to check the plugin, to enable it, it
immediately closes gaim with messages pertaining to
/home/user/.gaim/id and /home/user/.gaim/id.priv not
being found, and then the following:

gaim-encryption: plugin_load called
gaim-encryption: find key by name: BuddyName
gaim-encryption: find key by name: BuddyName
gaim-encryption: Could not generate key. NSS Error: -8128

..where 'BuddyName' is the nick of the gaim user.

How do I generate the keys? Where do I put them? How do
I specify that the user running gaim, is not the same
as a user in my gpg keys?

The instructions are completely missing these critical


  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2004-05-31
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  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2004-05-31

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    You probably did not compile Gaim with NSS support.
    See the Gaim page here: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/faq-ssl.php
    If Gaim does not initialize NSS, the Gaim-Encryption plugin
    can't use it, causing the error that you see.

    The keys are generated automatically- the NSS error you see
    was caused by trying to generate a key when NSS wasn't
    properly initialized. They are put in your .gaim directory
    (see the FAQ). The plugin doesn't know anything about GPG,
    so I don't know why you'd need to specify anything about
    your GPG keys.

    None of these things should be an issue, if you get Gaim to
    initialize NSS... it will "Just Work".

  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2004-05-31
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  • David A. Desrosiers

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    Unfortunately, no.. it does detect NSS, so this isn't the
    problem, see below:

    checking for mozilla-nss... yes
    checking NSS_CFLAGS... -I/usr/include/mozilla/nss
    checking NSS_LIBS... -L/usr/lib/mozilla -lnss3 -lsmime3
    -lssl3 -lsoftokn3 -lplds4 -lplc4 -lnspr4 -ldl -lc -lpthread

  • David A. Desrosiers

    • status: pending --> open
  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2004-06-02

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    In config.log, do you have the lines:
    and in config.h, the line
    #define HAVE_NSS 1

    What OS/distribution are you running? Does MSN (which
    requires SSL support as well) work for you? If the answers
    to the above are mostly "yes", could you attach the full log
    of starting up Gaim (with your account info edited out)?



  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2004-08-26
    • status: open --> closed

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