#16 Encryption status of *ALL* historical messages



here is the patch I used for Feature request [ 1180271
] Encryption status of *ALL* historical messages.

The patch basically just add a fixed text on every
outgoing encrypted text. I selected "(CRYPT):" but this
should really be defined in a .h file. I also took away
the Rx button as there is no use for it any more as you
can visually see the status of all message. The last
thing is a modified theme for Gaim Encryption that
relies entierely on the default smiley theme with one
smiley addition: lock.png a small lock icon. I used the
icon from slashdot. Autorization has to be obtained
from author if you want to use id widely.

I tested it under Linux, adapted .spec file too to
generate theme at install time. Theme also works in
Windows but I could not compile my patch as I have no
mingw environment (at this time).

Tested to work with version 2.38 and latest CVS.

I hope you find the idea interesting.

CC <ccharlie2@users.sourceforge.net>


  • Richard Laager

    Richard Laager - 2006-01-11

    Logged In: YES

    This patch should be closed, as this functionality is now in
    gaim-encryption CVS.

  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2006-01-12
    • labels: 441168 -->
    • milestone: 221902 -->
    • assigned_to: nobody --> obobo
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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