#24 Add multi-line question


I use the following anti-spam question.

print $str;

But it should be printed on several lines.
Is it possible to send question, containing multiple lines?


  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2008-05-26

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    Cool spam question. However, I don't know that pidgin's configuration user interface easily allows for that. Also if you were in an irc environment, I think the way to send more than one line sends one message for each individual line. Which might be considered flooding by some servers.

    However, I would consider a non-gtk patch if it didn't significantly increase the complexity of the codebase and it worked in a protocol neutral way for all protocols.

  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2008-05-26
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  • Shambler0

    Shambler0 - 2009-02-01

    <BR>, HTML tag "BR", seems to work - at least with ICQ. It needs confirmation.

    Developers, if this behaviour is intended, add a note about it to the configuration dialog.


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