#28 Failed to parse file with length 8193 bytes

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When parsing a file with 8193 bytes length i get this

Exception in thread "main"
at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method)
com.bluecast.xml.PiccoloLexer.yy_refill(Unknown Source)
at com.bluecast.xml.PiccoloLexer.yylex(Unknown
at com.bluecast.xml.Piccolo.yylex(Unknown Source)
at com.bluecast.xml.Piccolo.yyparse(Unknown Source)
at com.bluecast.xml.Piccolo.parse(Unknown Source)

I reproduced this error with two different xml files
(same length). If i add or remove some random byte
(without invalidating the xml) it works.
With the standard java parser there is no error.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am also encountering this issue. Were you able to find a

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The issue appears to be that yy_refill() can very well
    return with 0 characters read.

    For instance the file might end with CRLF, with the
    LF at byte 8193, which will return first with 0 characters
    read, then EOF. That's because the internal InputStream
    has a buffer of 8192 bytes.

    The fix would consist of a loop to read
    while (numRead == 0).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Poster of the bug:

    No i was not able to find a solution...
    since the PiccoloLexer code is automaticaly generated on
    build (at least as i understood it..:)... and lacking the
    time to dive into its generation and find a real
    solution..:( i had to remove the piccolo parser from my

    but in general you might get the sources and build the
    parser yourself...
    then have a look at the generated sources, find the
    described place and change it... rebuild without
    regenerating the sources... debug...:) and in the end you
    will have a private piccolo parser...

  • Wolfgang Rether

    Wolfgang Rether - 2011-04-14

    Proposed solution (while (numRead == 0)) would probably lead to an infinite loop with a Windows CRLF on the buffer boundary ... better solution (currently working fine for me) would be:

    if (numRead <= 0) {
    return true;

    instead of

    if (numRead < 0) {
    return true;

    Note the '<=' replacing the '<'...


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