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Future with MDB2

So the point of adding MDB2 to phxEventManger with 2.0 was an attempt to help support users with more varied database environments. But that's not what resulted. I've been a long-time supporter of PEAR, and I do still believe in the extension projects, but PEAR simply still does not have enough mainstream support for serious, public development to rely on it.

Less-technical users have messaged me many times for help getting PEAR and MDB2 to work, but what finally pushed me over the edge on this was my own attempts to get it running on a standard Dreamhost server this week. Dreamhost is about as mainstream as any host gets, and they do support PEAR and the ability to install additional packages. Dreamhost does not however support the latest version of PEAR, which is perpetually required to install current versions of packages. Sure I can perform a custom install of PEAR that ought to work, but the point was to make things EASIER for users regardless of their host or platform. And that's where the "under development and frequently updated" nature of PEAR packages fails. ... read more

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-06-10

phxEventManager 2.5 b5

The beta 5 package has been released. It includes fixes for the required fields issues during submission and scheduling changes to make it easier to configure the default profile. The cleanup of the code is proceeding, and most of the files have now been updated. There remains a number of stubbed-off new features, but those won't be a bottleneck to having a stable release of existing features. I've also started removing old packages from the file repository. There's really no need to install an older version, and I feel they were making the file list confusing. So I'm leaving up only the current package and one release prior. As always, if you find any issues with the app, please post a tracker item. Thanks!

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-04-15

Beta 4 Install Update

One of the outstanding issue with v2.5 deals with required fields during submission. The problem can be ignored by turning off the required characteristic on input fields. It will be fixed in the next package, but to make it easier for anyone wanting to work with the application right now, I've uploaded a replacement for the install functions file. Install with the new file to auto-set the required bit to off. You can get the updated file from the 2.5 b4 downloads directory, or by clicking the link below.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-03-20


A new SVN repository has been created for phxEventManager. The current beta version has been added, and going forward smaller changes will be made via SVN updates.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-02-16

MDB2 v2.4.1 Support

A forum posting has been made with details on how to add MDB2 2.4.1+ support to PEM 2.5b. These changes will be automatically included in all future releases.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2010-01-19

Release Update

The main development trunk of pxhEventManager has been a customized version for in-house use. This version is in stable production, but cannot be released to the public. An updated and sterilized copy will be re-forked off to create the new active and public pxhEventManager release. More details will be posted when they are available.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2009-11-18

phxEventManager 2.5 b2

New release posted, includes install documentation and a few fixes. Screenshots have also been added to the SF project.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2009-02-11

phxEventManager 2.5 b1

The first public beta for version 2.5 is now posted in the downloads. As a caveat, it still has rough edges and needs more documentation. Now that it's released I'll be uploading update packages more regularly.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2009-01-05

2.0 Beta 2 Testing

The second beta is in testing now and will likely be the version publically released. Things are going well, but there still remain a larger number of polish issues to be worked out. This beta version will run live on as part of the final testing process, and the download will be dropped on SourceForge shortly after the rollout on

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2007-07-18

Name Change and 2.0b

The PHP developers have expressed their desire to not have application use "php" as part of their name, and in an interest to comply with their wishes the application has been fully renamed to "phxEventManager."

The 2.0 version has seen a number of technical delays in the past months as new features have been integrated with one another. The second round of internal beta testing is scheduled to start next week with a half dozen additional testers. Once that cycle is done a beta will be posted for download here on SF. The main interest is in providing a package that has all key elements of the event process enabled. Extra features may be cut from this beta to focus testing on the central workflow.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2007-05-30

2.0 Development

The v2.0 development is proceeding well and is expected in the next couple months. The new version represents a complete rewriting of the project code from scratch to incorporate a large number of additional features impossible with the original structure.

Besides the overall application functionality improvements, this version incorporates a variety of technical enhancements, including PHP5 optimizations, PEAR:MDB2 database abstraction, and L10n translation support. To better comply with the PHP licensing terms, this application will also see a renaming soon to remove the "php" prefix from the title.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2007-01-20

See phpEventManager Live

A working install of current version is available at Please note that version is heavily customized for use at the ICPL and does not show every feature in that public view. phpEventManager will be made available for public download once the automated install and template system are done. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Kevin Hatch 2006-08-02