Sumeragi - 2007-04-10


I just installed PhpWIki 1.2.10 and it is running right now! But I got 2 problems, where I need further help:

The first one is, that i cannot login in into the admin page. I set a loginname and a password, but still cant login -.- I haven't found any solution till now... maybe there is a config problem with the webserver or php? Any suggestions, where I should look and/or check?

The other one is, that the pages are in english, but I want them in german... I changed the variable $LANG from "C" into "de" (for german ;-) ), but I still got the english pages! I did it just like it was said in the readme, but it didn't changed to german language...

I'm not sure, what kind of additional information you need... the server is running with PHP version 4.4.2 and MySQL 4.0.25 and with Apache... but I don't know the version of it ^^'

best regards
Cajus Korn