PHPWiki Questions: Logging In and Admin Issue

  • Sarah Weinberger


    I am installing PHPWiki and have a few questions.

    I installed PHP wiki to the root of the sub-domain. I set the domain up to use
    PHP5. Let us say

    That points to say a folder on the server as /Websites/Wiki

    1. Calling admin.php works up until it reaches any of the Header("WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=\"PhpWiki\""); lines. In this case, “if (($PHP_AUTH_USER != $wikiadmin ) ||”. I see in this case an authentication dialog that says “Connect to” | connecting to I type in the User name and Password, and the password does not get recognized. To me the problem seems to be that this dialog is not the result of PHP code but possibly the browser trying to access a folder that does not exist or something like that. Even if it is the result of the code, the user name and password does not take. The error message ultimately results in “You are not authorized to view this page, HTTP 401.1 Unauthorized Login Failed” error message.

    2. Speaking of that, I do not see anywhere in the code, where the program asks for the password. I manually set $wikiadmin and $adminpasswd, but where does the code request from the user $PHP_AUTH_USER and $PHP_AUTH_PW? The very next test after making sure that the admin specified user name and password is not blank is a test against what the user entered, but the code never asks to enter any user name and password. Did I miss something?

    3. Pressing the PHPWikiAdministration hyperlink from the Front Page results in a page that does not go to admin.php, but rather the page “”. I see the title, “This works only if you are logged in ad ADMIN.” How does a user log in as ADMIN? I do not see a link and going directly to the admin page does not give an error message from the PHP code or a method to log in?

    4. How do I prevent everyone from editing Wiki pages and have them first log into the system in some fashion and have that account authorized before users can edit pages?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sarah Weinberger

    I solved my problem by going to MediaWiki, but PmWiki is another wonderful
    solution. PHPWiki is a buggie and old, not used anymore as the comparison and
    one other person said.

  • Bernard Bel

    Bernard Bel - 2010-04-28

    I fully agree. I migrated all my PhpWikis to PmWiki (after carefully
    experimenting MediaWiki and MoiMoinWiki). I spent a week writing a very
    advanced script for converting PhpWiki sites to PmWiki, renaming pages,
    reorganizing page groups, translating the most current plug-ins,
    reconstructing external redirections etc. It converted a 500-page PhpWiki in a
    single click and everything worked without further adjustments. My preference
    with PmWiki is to a great extent motivated by the absence of a database: on a
    large site accessing a MySQL database can be a bottleneck in terms of
    computation time and it even caused the closure of our site by the service

  • Sarah Weinberger

    I have no idea why I said "wonderful". I was probably sarcastic, as PMWiki
    does not seem to support MySQL.

    I tried MediaWiki. I thought that I found a good wiki, but alas no. MediaWiki,
    at least on a Windows host, produces an error trying to upload files. I posted
    a help, but naturally nobody monitors the thread. There was another person who
    seemed to have a very similar problem and also had no response. After waiting
    some time and reaching a dead end, I am trying another wiki.

    Guess what? Do you think that tikiwiki works better? Why should my experience
    with buggie useless wikis be any better? I went through the installation,
    pressed the continue button to go to the main site, and tiki decided on its
    own to use a portion of the absolute path on the disk as the destination.
    Obviously, Tiki cannot find anything, and as such bombs. We shall see if
    anyone monitors the support forum.

    How is it that ANYONE uses any type of Wiki? What does use?
    Obviously, all wikis are useless and buggy, at least on Windows hosting


    Frustrated, as the activity to install a wiki should be easy, not prone to a
    whole lot of grief.

  • Bernard Bel

    Bernard Bel - 2010-05-08

    I was probably sarcastic, as PMWiki does not seem to support MySQL.

    Indeed, for the simple reason that it does not require any database! It works
    and it does it well as you can check on the 500-page wiki I migrated from
    PhpWiki : <>. What prompted me to migrate
    is that the PhpWiki version would sometimes take more than 30 seconds to load
    a page, due to bandwidth restrictions on... the database! Consequently my
    service provider closed the website complaining that "one of the scripts is
    taking too long to execute".

    Wikipedia uses MediaWiki, mostly for historical reasons.

    Before starting using a database-worked wiki, make sure that you service
    provider will give you the required bandwidth for the database… Also make sure
    that you will be able to backup and long-terme preserve your pages in text
    format. PhpWiki has a nice (one-click) feature as far as reliable backup is
    concerned. PmWiki (and other no-database wikis) allows you to save the entire
    wiki in text format, iincluding PmWiki code and configuration, so that the
    entire wiki can be moved to another provider in 2 mouse clics.


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