phpWiki 1.2.11 Themes/Templates/Skins

  • Jackalgirl

    Jackalgirl - 2010-04-20

    I've got another new-person question: is there a collection of downloadable
    themes/templates/skins for phpWiki? The bare install is kind of...bare. Again,
    I've tried a Google search but have only found a couple of things (which have
    all related to 1.3.x). Thanks very much in advance for pointing me in the
    right direction -- I'm sure it's something obvious I've missed.

    -- Kat

  • Reini Urban

    Reini Urban - 2010-04-23

    Sorry, 1.2 has no template support and we will not add it.
    Really bare and simple.

    1.3 has everything you want.


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