Problems with authentication

  • Vego

    Vego - 2005-05-11

    I have a problem with setting up authentication on my wiki. I would like all users to authenticate using passwords in a db (using ADODB)

    I've followed the HOW TO found in another thread in this forum, but it doesn't seem to work.

    The script times out, gives an server error (500 I think), or complains about not finding IMAP server (I have never specified any options on IMAP whatsoever)

    Please, can anyone help me with my problems or point to resources/other HOWTOS?

    ALLOW_ANON_USER = false
    ALLOW_ANON_EDIT = false
    ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN = false
    USER_AUTH_POLICY = first-only
    DBAUTH_AUTH_USER_EXISTS = "SELECT userid FROM user WHERE userid="$userid""
    DBAUTH_AUTH_CHECK = "SELECT IF(passwd=PASSWORD("$password"),1,0) AS ok FROM user WHERE userid="$userid""
    DBAUTH_AUTH_UPDATE = "UPDATE user SET passwd=PASSWORD("$password") WHERE userid="$userid""
    DBAUTH_AUTH_CREATE = "INSERT INTO user SET passwd=PASSWORD("$password"),userid="$userid""
    DBAUTH_PREF_SELECT = "SELECT prefs FROM pref WHERE userid="$userid""
    DBAUTH_PREF_UPDATE = "REPLACE INTO pref SET prefs="$pref_blob",userid="$userid""

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2005-05-16

      IMAP is only tried with
      ENABLE_USER_NEW = false or
      USER_AUTH_POLICY = old

      • veggio

        veggio - 2005-05-18

        USER_AUTH_POLICY is set to first-only (and USER_AUTH_ORDER = "Db")

        WIth ENABLE_USER_NEW = true, I get 'connection closed by remote server'. I have no idea why (shared host, apache, DEBUG=1)

        ENABLE_USER_NEW = false gave error:
        Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ldap_connect() in (...)/lib/WikiUser.php on line 260. I'm using the config-dist as the starting-point, and have not specified any LDAP options.

        This is really confusing... :-/


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