lrk_comp - 2006-10-27


I have installed phpwiki-1.3.11p1.tar.gz on my web space and now I'm trying to authenticate my users using other external mysql database. This is what I got in my config.ini file:

DBAUTH_AUTH_DSN = "mysql://admin:xxxxx@localhost/mysql_datas"

DBAUTH_AUTH_USER_EXISTS = "SELECT id FROM people WHERE login='$userid'"

DBAUTH_AUTH_CHECK = "SELECT pw AS passwd FROM people where logiin='$userid'"

NOTE: i'm aware of error logiin in real it is login

and I get error message:
Fatal Error:

lib/WikiDB/backend/PearDB.php:1024: Error: wikidb_backend_peardb_mysql: fatal database error

* DB Error: no such field
* (SELECT pw AS passwd FROM people where logiin='qwerty' [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column 'logiin' in 'where clause'])

lib/DbSession/SQL.php:97: Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference

I understand that logiin field does not exists but why $userid=password. qwerty is my password entered NOT userid. Both variables $userid and $password = qwerty

what am I missing?

thank you