action=edit yeilds page cannot be displayed

  • cspatter

    cspatter - 2007-11-06

    I see a thread from 2003 about this. Does anyone have a good fix or should I look for another wiki to use? Everything seems to be working, all pages load, but I can't edit/create anything. I tried the suggested changes to no avail! I'm running: mysql 4.1.12, php 4.3.9, apache 2.0.52, and installed phpwiki 1.3.14 if it helps any =(
    Bummed out WIKI wanna be.

    • cspatter

      cspatter - 2007-11-06

      Thanks for the suggestions but all of those have been attempted. I have version 1.2.10 and it works great; not no security =(

      I created an admin account in the config file cspatter/cobi18 and it logs in fine. I have the edit button and all other extra buttons available but the edit button is the only one that does not work. Since create is the same as edit it does not work either.

      Note: I'm not able to create a new account other than the admin. I think it's time to look at a good congig.ini file. I'll send you an email and then post updates here for other lost wiki souls.

      -Chris Patterson

    • Bernard Bel

      Bernard Bel - 2007-11-06

      I haven't checked PHP and MySQL version requirements for PhpWiki 1.3.14 but I suppose that if your pages are displayed it means that the software background is OK.

      Have you ever used PhpWiki on another server? It is likely that you're not doing the right thing to connect as an authenticated user.

      This first time you run your PhpWiki site there is only one registered user, which is the admin you defined in config.ini. Pick up the admin name, paste it into the little box at the bottom right of any page, click "sign in as" and it will prompt you for the password. If you're successful doing this then you will see the "Edit" button on every page.

      Then you can create users. Their names should be WikiWords otherwise PhpWiki will always complain... Enter the name into the "sign in as" box, click the button and you're done. The new user is created with an empty password. Later click "Preferences" to assign it a real password.

      When you're connected as the admin you'll see "Chown" buttons on every page. This allows you to change the ownership of the page and assign it to any registered user.

      If none of this works you might have problems with file permissions in your "phpwiki" folder. Try to chmod everything to 755.

      If you need more help we can exchange "config.ini" files... Contact me at <>

      PhpWiki is a wonderful package but it is still poorly documented !

      Bernard Bel


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