password auth via PersonalPage

  • orionblue3

    orionblue3 - 2005-11-17

    I couldn't quite follow the docs on this and google was of little help.

    What I would like is to have bogo login, but have users able to set a password for the future. If I'm reading it right, it is possible to store the password in the user's HomePage metadata. Do I have to do something special to "save the password in the UserHomePage"? When I bogo login with a new user, create a HomePage, go to prefs, change the password -- it says that it updated it. But when I try to log the user back in, that password doesn't work, it is just blank again.

    ver: 1.3.11p1
    USER_AUTH_ORDER = "PersonalPage : BogoLogin"

    Perhaps I don't understand this auth model quite well enough yet. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2005-11-20

      As you described it it's a bug. I'll have a look. Thanks!

      • Harry R Erwin

        Harry R Erwin - 2006-09-29

        I had the same problem today. I'm also the admin, so I'd like to know how to reset user passwords if they're likely to forget them.

        • Reini Urban

          Reini Urban - 2006-09-30

          <?plugin PasswordReset ?>


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