Can't login to admin

  • Lacey_Mercedes

    Lacey_Mercedes - 2007-04-09

    I installed PhpWiki. When I go to the admin page to login it says I'm putting in the wrong username and/or password. I tried typing it in and I tried C&P'ing it from the confirmation email. Nothing seems to work. How can I login?
    I was told to ask if there's a back door I can use to get into the wiki admin panel since my username and pw aren't working.
    Right now the FTP has the permissions set at 755. Do I need to change the permission settings to be able to login as an admin? Any help would be nice...

    • Waugh

      Waugh - 2007-05-09

      I have this problem as well.

      I install the wiki with Fantastico, or manually, and I am unable to log in to admin.php.

      What should I check? I have tried everything and am ready to give up on this wiki.

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      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2007-05-09

        Without anymore info we cannot help you.
        Ask Fantastico.

    • CoreWarrior

      CoreWarrior - 2007-09-03

      I am also experiencing this symptom with a new install of phpwiki.The phpwiki 1.2.10 installation was done using Fantastico 2.1.3. what other info do I need to provide?
      Thank you

    • Lothar Geyer

      Lothar Geyer - 2007-10-07

      I had the same problem. The reason was that PHP was not configured to support the crypt function. After setting ENCRYPTED_PASSWD = false in the config.ini file all was OK.

      As I known PHP configuration can be queried by PHP scripts. I don't known why the people at phpWiki are not providing a better error message.

    • winx

      winx - 2008-03-05

      had the same problem :) thanx gayer for the (now that i know it anyway) blatent fix :>

    • tomtenberge

      tomtenberge - 2008-08-26

      how to do this if you can't acces the php config.ini file?
      i am on a seperate host..

      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2008-08-28

        download, change, upload


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