Newbie: How to install?

  • Jorge Ossanai Junior

    I decided to begin a wiki with the last version and I need some help what exactly should I do.

    1) Download the zip file to my pc.
    2) Unzip the file.
    3) Upload all files to my host directory.

    4) and ? to setup?

    • Jorge Ossanai Junior

      Installed and having this error:

      Fatal error: Call to undefined function: check_php_version() in /home/xxxx/public_html/wiki/lib/config.php on line 490

      At confip.php:
      /** * safe php4 definition for clone. * php5 copies objects by reference, but we need to clone "deep copy" in some places. * (BlockParser) * We need to eval it as workaround for the php5 parser. * See

      */if (!check_php_version(5)) { eval(' function clone($object) { return $object; } ');

      And using php 4.4.7 at host.

      Any help?

    • Lothar Geyer

      Lothar Geyer - 2007-10-07

      I am a newbie too. But the next step is to edit the config/config.ini file.


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