is PhpWiki a good choice for me? Date-Field,

  • UCB

    UCB - 2006-08-01

    I want to build a kinda historic wiki. That means it should provide a date field. I wanna be able to list the dates as an index and to perform a search-by-date. The date is not the date of writing, but a date in the past. I would write a plug-in for that. Is it hard to do this with PhpWiki?
    What about black-list? Are there possibilities to check new pages against "bad" words?
    It seems to be really hard to make a new Theme. Does anybody have experiences in doing that?

    Thanks for any answers


    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2006-08-01

      You can use the StructedData approach as with
      This uses arbitrary but structured page fields (in Categories), for which you can search and which you can sort.

      Of course you can also write a plugin, which parses the body, stroes the date as page metadata, and extend search to search for this metadata.


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