Can't get configurator to save.

  • Firesong

    Firesong - 2006-12-05

    I'm trying to install on a Linux system, using mysql DB. I've created the tables using the schemas/mysql.... script.

    I've set the config directory to 777, the config.ini won't create.

    If I copy in the config-dist.ini, I get errors, the first of which is :-
    configurator.php:126: Error: Configuration problem:

    ADMIN_USER not defined in "/sda1/webspace1/firesong/htdocs/wiki/config/config.ini".
    Cannot continue: You have to fix that manually.

    I have tried entering the configuration details manually in this file. I either get a blank page, or Windows asks for a user name and password three times, and then gives me a missing ADMIN_USER error message.

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2006-12-05

      There might be seperate issues leading to this problem.

      I suspect that your php is running as cgi and not as apache module.
      You can check that by copying temporarly a phpinfo.php file to your phpwiki dir with the content <? phpinfo() ?>

      The server variable SCRIPT_NAME is usally not phpinfo.php, but something like /cgi-bin/php then, that's why configurator fails to find the config directory, because it is looking for it at /cgi-bin/config/config.ini.
      I'm just working on a fix for that.
      A lot of webhosters switched from modules to fastcgi recently.

    • Firesong

      Firesong - 2006-12-06

      Hmmm, I've put a phpinfo.php in place.
      The URL is

      I don't see what you're referring to there at all.


      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2006-12-07

        I see that your are having CGI, but SCRIPT_NAME looks good. T
        hat was the problem with the other CGI setting, I was having problems with,
        that I had to override SCRIPT_NAME to point to /wiki/index.php

        • Firesong

          Firesong - 2006-12-07

          Which puts me neatly back at suqare one. Thanks for your help, but I'm wondering where to go from here.


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