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Admin Login

  • Naveed Aqeel

    Naveed Aqeel - 2009-06-08

    I have just set up the latest version of phpWiki on my computer's localhost. I am using php/mysql model on my computer with xampp. How do I login as administrator to phpWiki. When I type, localhost/phpwiki, it takes me to the homepage but there's no place to log into. I couldn't find the admin.php in the phpwiki directory either. Please help!


    • Bernard Bel

      Bernard Bel - 2009-06-09

      Hello Naveed,

      If your wiki is properly set up, at the bottom right of each page you will see a little box and a button named "Sign in as".

      See for example my homepage:


      The admin login is defined in your 'config.ini' file:

      ADMIN_USER = <admin log-in>
      ADMIN_PASSWD = <admin password> (that may be encrypted)

      Don't be afraid if you get an error message "Invalid password or userid" at the time of login in; it also contains a "Sign in" button that you need to click again and everything goes fine.

      In general, ignore all error messages in PhpWiki! ;-)

      Bernard Bel


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