Mici Maci - 2006-08-13


I'm interested in making a hungarian site driven by PhpWiki. But there's a probleme: our national charset contains two additional characters to iso-8859-1, ő and ű (the long versions of ö and ü), that is only found in iso-8859-2. These chars are frequent in hungarian, and it's impossible to leave them or interchange them with latin1 chars. It would real ugly. The other thing is that I have to use these characters in WikiNames, but current version of PhpWiki does not support it. XxxóáYyy is ready (latin1 chars are usable), but if I change óá to ő, it fails, and square brackets does not help. The [] creates a link, but ő and ű is viewd as & #337 ; and & #369 ; . Could You please help me how to solve the probleme? Is it a big work to add latin2 support into PhpWiki?

I promise I'll gift the project with a hu.po file if iso-8859-2 will be ok... Now there's nothing to it.