Mark Phillips - 2002-01-11

I am trying to set up a phpwiki on my sourceforge server. I followed the instrucitons in the index.php file for the VIRTUAL_HOST, but no luck.
I have the following:

1. Directory 'scripts' in /home/groups/j/jo/jospt (same level as the htdocs directory).

2. 'phpwiki' directory in the 'scripts' directory with all the phpwiki stuff

3. directory 'wikidocs' under htdocs with a file called .htaccess. htaccess contains the three lines:
Action x-phpwiki-page /home/groups/j/jo/jospt/scripts/phpwiki/index.php
SetHandler x-phpwiki-page
DirectoryIndex /home/groups/j/jospt/scripts/phpwiki/index.php

4. USE_PATH_INFO set to true in index.php

5. VIRTUAL_PATH set to /wikidocs in index.php

What eles do I need to change in the index.php file to make this work? Also, what permissions does the .htaccess file need?