Metadata and link tag in HTML files

  • Takashi SASAKI

    Takashi SASAKI - 2005-04-25

    When I view HTML files which PhpWiki generates, I noticed that they all have almost the same "link rel" tags in their html headers.

    Now, I would like to change these tags, especially tags with rel="copyright" and rel="author", to my own copyright (one of CC copyrights) page and author's page (including my photo :-) respectively. Is this right and legal ? I'm afraid that such modification may abuse the copyright of PhpWiki. And if it is not a problem, could anyone tell me how can I achieve it ?

    I think link tags with rel="copyright" should indicate the copyright of the content of the page, not of PhpWiki codes. I'm not familiar with rel tags in HTML header, so please tell me if my understanding is wrong.

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2005-04-25

      The copyright tags are for your installation of your wiki only. We only suggested a few.

      You can simply change those urls and strings in your config.ini


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