Password doesn't work

  • ann34556

    ann34556 - 2005-05-01

    I installed PhpWiki using Fantastico, after striking out on the MySQL installation on another host.

    But the admin password just doesn't work. I checked the admin.php file, and the wikiadmin and adminpasswd is set correctly.

    So what's up?

    Does it look for an encrypted version, or is the whole thing broken?

    • dobah

      dobah - 2006-01-12

      I don't know if this will helpsomeone but I ran and put my password in there. It came back with an encrypted password which I copy/pasted it into my config.ini file and now my password works.

    • ann34556

      ann34556 - 2005-05-01

      Looks like it doesn't work with a server set up with php_suexec

      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2005-05-02

        So you just have to apply the correct file permissions.
        the starter script +xr
        all other files +r
        the uploads dir u+rwx

        for 1.2.x similar, just that there is no upload

    • RikR

      RikR - 2005-09-08

      I also installed via Fantastico and can not get my admin log in to work.

      I gather from reading here that this can't be fixed?

      Is the only solution to uninstall and find something else?



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