Can I use phpwiki for my project?

  • Niels

    Niels - 2005-07-03


    I'm writing a large php program. It's not GPL and will only be used on an intranet. I'd like to add a Wiki to this program. Phpwiki is GPL, so how does that work? Can I put phpwiki into my program?

    • Joel Uckelman

      Joel Uckelman - 2005-07-03

      Short answer: Yes.

      Here's the official explanation:

      What the GPL covers is distribution. If the code never leaves your organization, then the GPL doesn't restrict you at all.

      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2005-07-05

        But note that company-internally the users who work with phpwiki must have access to the phpwiki source code distribution and your private changes.
        There's no exception for users.

        • Ansgar Burchardt

          The GPL doesn't yet have such requirement.
          As long as the program is just used internally it's not being distributed, so no need to publish the source.
          Actually the GPL even permits running a (modified) GPL'ed program on a public website without releasing the source.

          (see and the next question)


    • Niels

      Niels - 2005-07-03

      Thank you for your answer. I'll have a closer look at phpwiki.


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