Steven Webb - 2005-08-16

I've set up phpwiki before, but I'm getting a weird issue with the current stable package (phpwiki ver 1.2.10) on Suse 9.2 (apache2, mysql 4.0.21, php 4.2.x).

I verified that wikiuser with the password in lib/config.php is able to access the db, but the user and password don't seem to be getting passed to the lib/mysql.php script and I'm getting the following error:

Cannot open database phpwiki, giving up.
MySQL error: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'phpwiki'

The '@localhost' tells me that the username is not getting passed to the function that's trying to open the DB. I've double-checked that the lib/config.php file is correct (no missing quotes, no missing semicolons at the end of the file, ...).

Any help?

  • Steve