#562 WantedPages query is not valid Oracle syntax


When loading http://localhost/phpwiki-1.3.12p3/index.php/WantedPages using an Oracle DB, this error is displayed:

lib/WikiDB/backend/PearDB.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):1034: Error: WikiDB_backend_PearDB_oci8: fatal database error

* DB Error: unknown error
* (SELECT * FROM (SELECT p.pagename, pp.pagename as wantedfrom FROM phpwiki_page p JOIN phpwiki_link linked LEFT JOIN phpwiki_page pp ON linked.linkto = pp.id LEFT JOIN phpwiki_nonempty ne ON linked.linkto = ne.id WHERE ne.id is NULL AND p.id = linked.linkfrom AND pp.pagename NOT IN ('PgsrcTranslation','InterWikiMap')) WHERE NULL = NULL [nativecode=ORA-00905: missing keyword])

Two problems: (i) The nested query doesn't parse in Oracle. (ii) the NULL = NULL clause always returns failure and so 0 rows are returned.


  • Reini Urban

    Reini Urban - 2006-12-02

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    This is clearly a pear error in oci8.php, not related to phpwiki.
    See modifyLimitQuery().
    Looks like we should disallow PearDB altogether for oci8.

  • SourceForge Robot

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