#395 Document contains no data


I have exactly the same problem as this guy:

I am running ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package)
version 1.4.9 (win32)


  • Gadi Cohen

    Gadi Cohen - 2004-11-03

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    I'm running on a 64bit linux system, so not sure if this is
    the same problem, but I managed to get mine working. This
    was from putting random echo lines all over till I tracked
    down the problem; I don't have the time to work out WHY it's
    the problem or how to fix it, but the thing works for me.

    I think first time round the validateSessionPath() was
    causing the crash... I didn't see any setup for the
    USE_DB_SESSION in the config.ini file but I've seen it
    mentioned elsewhere... anyway, you can just comment it out
    in lib/main.php.

    Main problem is also in lib/main.php file and also in the
    main() function. It's the
    $request->possiblyDeflowerVirginWiki(); line, which I just
    commented out. I have no idea what this does but it sounds
    kinda cool... unfortunately my poor apache server doesn't
    like being deflowered and segfaults as a response :(

    Anyways hopefully this will give the developers some insight
    as to how to fix this properly.

  • Gadi Cohen

    Gadi Cohen - 2004-11-04

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    ok got a bit more familiar with the code... understand the
    whole virgin concept now :>

    one possible problem seems to be that there's a bit of
    recursion somewhere when creating a new Template object. if
    a print_r the data there is alot of repeated stuff and some
    "RECURSION" warnings. So sometimes we'll crash in the
    middle of StartLoadDump somewhere.

    the repeated data seems to be in a _debug array, with alot
    of stuff looking like its from pear, which could explain why
    only mysql users have had this problem. any help from the
    developers here? i'm on apache 2.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I solved this by increasing the "memory_limit" in php.ini


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