#381 File upload hangs forever on attached page


I'm upgrading from 1.3.4/gdbm to cvs nightly w/ mysql. The file
upload/import stops cold when it encounters the attached page.
Page load stops and no further pages are imported into the wiki.
Removing this page allowed the upload to continue normally.

This occurs both when I "Upload" from the client and "Load" on the

The IncludePhoto plugin referenced in the page is a custom plugin
that I wrote for my site. It just automatically inserts the path to
an image file. I don't think that's the problem because I use it on a
lot of pages and this is the only one that fails to upload.


  • Philip J. Hollenback

    file which cvs nightly phpwiki fails to load

  • Joel Uckelman

    Joel Uckelman - 2005-04-03

    Logged In: YES

    I successfully loaded this file into my test wiki, which is
    current CVS.

  • Marc-Etienne Vargenau

    Closing very old bugs.

  • Marc-Etienne Vargenau

    • status: open --> closed

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