#301 possiblyDeflowerVirginWiki()

Mike Pullen

Installed the CVS version (2004-05-04), created the
database and populated the initial, empty tables.
Created the config/config.ini file based on the config-
default.ini master by setting the database type to adodb
and the database access user account/password.

When attempting to run the first access to the new wiki,
I got a minimalist page and none of the basic, required
pages were loaded into the database from pgsrc
directory. A debug statement indicated that the
pagename being attempted was index.php.

I got around this by the following URL, which loaded tons
of pages into the database:


I've attached my config.ini file in case I've done
something bad in the setup of those parameters.

Mike P


  • Mike Pullen

    Mike Pullen - 2004-05-04
  • Mike Pullen

    Mike Pullen - 2004-05-04

    Logged In: YES

    By the way, after loading all the many initial pages, there
    were dozens and dozens of error message complaining that
    the variable rs was not defined.

    Also, the only way to get into the wiki is to use the URL
    above. Just running the index.php produces the minimalist
    wiki page that doesn't do anything.

    Mike P


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