#8 HTML Bug?

Usability (156)

I don't know how close this resembles phpNuke in the code, but posted on phpNuke was this bug:

"I found that anyone can submit HTML tags to a Nuked site. If you put some Javascript in the text, you can do any kind of harm to the admin -- redirecting him to a bad site, or creating a thousand of browser instances for him (you can create just one instance of the same page by window.open(document.location.href) and there you are: a recursion!) Therefore, you can nuke any PHPNuke admin :-)"

Is phpWebsite vulnerable as well?


  • Brian Lambeth

    Brian Lambeth - 2001-02-04

    I tell you what we should do is create a list of what html we will allow and take it from there... else just put the less than and greater than signs in the database as HTML charater entities..

  • Matthew McNaney

    Matthew McNaney - 2001-02-05

    Agreed. We talked about this and there definately needs to be some parsing. We also need to implement the dirty-word stripping so this would be a good time to plug that feature in.

  • Brian Lambeth

    Brian Lambeth - 2001-02-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> refurbished
  • Brian W. Brown

    Brian W. Brown - 2001-02-09
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Adam Morton

    Adam Morton - 2001-02-09

    Tested this bug pretty well. Please come to our site and try to hack us :)


  • Adam Morton

    Adam Morton - 2001-02-09
    • status: open --> closed

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