#6 Immediate Login Hack

Eloi George

This code is ready for inclusion in the current Release
Candidate (

It has been in general use since February and is
bug-free. Below is a description of what the code
does. The included .tar.gz contains both the updated
.php files and corresponding unified diff files with
extensions of .diff.txt. The basecode is current as of
Friday's (8/31/04) Daily CVS Tarball.

Immediate Login Hack

User Module >> Settings >> Allow New User Setup Changes:
The "All users can apply" option has been changed to
"All users can apply - password will be emailed".

A new option called "All users can apply - immediate
login" is now added. This lets the user choose their
own password and automatically logs them in.

This option also allows you to set a default page to
send users to after signing up. With this feature the
possibilities are endless! You can send them to a form
to fill out, a welcome page, or even an announcement
entry form!

Module developers can also set (or change) this
programmatically by setting $_REQUEST['jump_to'] or


  • Eloi George

    Eloi George - 2004-08-02

    Patch Files for Immediate Login Hack

  • Mike Noyes

    Mike Noyes - 2004-09-07
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