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PHPulse 4.0 Released

Have been sitting on the code for awhile now making minor updates here and there and figured may as well release it as is. The majority of issues have been taken care of and we are running the new version on the rebuild of the site.

As always, send feedback and let us know if you have any issues in the forums.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-07-08

XML/CLI Preloader

Am working on the last piece before doing a final build. Doing a preloader for projects so person who don't want to deal with SQL don't have to and can preload their projects using XML.

This does NOT mean the framework relies on XML now. It merely means that each project can have an XML config file to for INITIALLY loading you project into the framework.

Building a parser class to be used from the command line and from the administrative interface and going to test extensively before doing another release. This may take another week before I get this release out but it will be worth it if it makes loading projects alot easier than dealing with alot of SQL (or the administrative interface).

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-06-15

Phpulse 4.0 Beta

Am in the process of making major changes to the entire framework that will greatly improve modularity, ease of development and decrease the amount of coding without any loss in speed of the framework.

Have been testing the changes so far and everything is looking good and there appears to be no real loss in speed.

The new improvements will allow plug-n-play development and modules to be dropped inwith minimal configuration and optional additonal configuration for security features such a privilege settings.... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-06-11

SQL Corrections

Was pointed out in the forums that SQL was not loading correctly for the framework. Have retested all the SQL and loaded the entire framework and SQL from scratch into test environment. All should be working now.

Again, if you have been having problems to date, all you need is the latest SQL to fix these issues.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-03-22

Updated Documentation for PHPulse

I've been working on updating documentation both in the wiki and within the code. Have commented the classes and functions and incorporated it all into PHPdocs (a version of Javadocs for PHP) and have it available at

Also make sure to check the wiki for any questions you might have as we added alot and updated quite a bit.

Finally, If you can't find what you need, please post in the forum before emailing me as others may have the same question and I'd like to be able to answer in the forum so others can find the answers to similar questions. I have no problems answering questions, I just want others to benefit from similar questions that might be asked.... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-02-12

Improved SEO Functionality

Added improved SEO functionality for the framework to allow for better indexing of your site pages by encoding the heirarchy into the url. So now, the same functionality that is used to autogenerate the titlebar, breadcrumbs, sitemaps and more is now being used to autogenerate your url to be 100% SEO compliant. Enjoy!

Posted by Owen Rubel 2009-01-13

Subversion Availability and New Functionality

Have just uploaded the codeline to subversion and begun separating the sample project and XUL codelines from the base codeline. This allows those who just want to download the base codeline WITHOUT the sample project to be able to do just that. Or for those who wish to download the sample project without all the XUL code.

I'll be continuing to clean things up a bit more over the next week and then updating all the documentation a bit more as the directory structure has changed alot and alot of new functionality has been added.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-10-09

PHPulse update

Notice a few errors in my attempt to rush the changes out. Have the fixes in and am testing right now before pushing them out. Will have an update out before Saturday

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-09-05

PHPulse 3.1.0 Setters and Getters

As of 3.1, we have added support for a callbacks in the action class supported through the model for easy calling of user accessible functions through a function called 'getter' and 'setter'. These functions are accessed the same way but perform slightly different. The plus is that they provide an easy to understand and universal way to access all functions without having to do it through a dependency injected object or other methodology.... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-09-03

XUL Development

In working on the XUL demo site, I am having to change a bit of the directory structure, some of the config files, the controller, and the way alot of things work to make them a bit more generic. XUL needs the views to be more accessible and I realized that as long as the views can don't actually give access to anything and can be secured through the Apache conf file, they can be moved higher up in the directory structure.... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-06-19

NiftyCorners not so nifty

Well ran into another problem in the redesign of the site. Keep seeing problems with IE with the Niftycorners javascript but that isn't the biggest concern; the biggest concern is that it makes my benchmarks look like crap now because most benchmarking tools don't cache javascript.

So because of those two things, I'll be reworking the site this weekend to go back to the old methodology of handling rounded corners that rendered great in ALL browsers and doesn't impact my benchmarks.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-06-06

Controller and Config errors

Found a couple new errors in the controller and the config that I need to upload changes for. Minor fixes but they fix major problems. Will be getting them up later today.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-06-05

News Section Added To Website

Am in the process of re-adding the old news funtionallity to the website to demonstrate the ease of adding a CMS through the framework and to be able to start adding documentation to the site. Will be loading up the beginning funtionality that I have so far for it this weekend.

Feel free to drop on by and check it out (http;//

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-31

IE Sucks as Usual

Well I tested the site in Firefox, Safari, and Konquerer but someone pointed out that the latest update of IE breaks the CSS on the site like MAD. Have to spend alot of time fixing that now before I can get the next update out. Sorry folks.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-29


Fixed the SQL errors and updated the SQL in the docs directory for the default test environment. Also beginning to add news functionality to enable showing a default CMS setup in the framework.

All features are being enabled and used in the main site first before release. Once properly tested, we will be rereleasing all this under a default design.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-26

PHPulse Errors

It was brought to my attention fairly quickly that the sql in the docs directory is flawed. I have fixed that and will load up the fix for that tonight. I also will be fixing AJAX callback functionality; I had removed the functionality into its own method but realized that it then couldn't access the model object anymore (unless I used dependency injection) so I am just putting the code back the way it was for simplicitys sake (and so I'm not constantly passing around the model object like a cheap blowup doll).... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-23


Ok folks... think I am finally past beta with most of my fixes. Pulled an all nighter last night and got most of the changes and fixes in. Tested it out on the live site and everything seems to be working fine. Going to do a fresh install and see if I can get it running from scratch fine.

After that, will get the news section back up and running on the main site so that I can start hosting tutorials on the main site rather than on the Google WIKI (since I never maintain that thing anymore).

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-23

version Offline

Noticed major issues with release and took it offline to fix later tonight. Hope to have new version up tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. As I mentioned, new version IS BETA right now. But the changes are coming fast and furious; major issues with integrating XUL.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-22

Fixed Contact Info and new beta release

Sorry all but forgot to update my contact info for the last few months. Just changed my email to the correct contact info.

Also uploaded the latest fixes. Am working on reducing the code by about 25%-35% in the default install and prettying up the website for a potential presentation at the next ApacheCon.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-20

PHPulse 3.0.1 offline until 8pm PST

Am doing daily uploads now. Am taking the current version offline until I can get home and upload the new version from my home machine. Noticed some errors in the code that I have to fix and will have them fixed and uploaded tonight.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-16

PHPulse 3.0 Beta with XUL and AJAX

The BETA of PHPulse is out and we have fully tested integrated AJAX into the the system so there in no need to build additional AJAX libraries as you can use your existing model classes and call them using the user privileges set by the system.

Also we have built in XUL support so you can use the same MVC framework to start building XUL desktop applications without having to relearn a whole new framework. This allows you to start developing distributed desktop applications as well as web applications all in one MVC framework.... read more

Posted by Owen Rubel 2008-05-13

PHPULSE 2.0 coming soon

Old versions that are no longer supported have been removed and will be getting the 2.0 version up in the next day.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2007-09-11

New Release

Just uploaded a new release with the docs dirtectory included. My apologies to those who already downloaded the old one. Please redownload for the files you need.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2006-09-09


Sorry all. Neglected to include the docs directory. Will be loading up a new copy in the next 24 hrs.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2006-09-08

Support Features

Added a support page to the homepage. This should help until I build the installer.

Posted by Owen Rubel 2006-09-07

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