#54 PHPTriad not working after installing Spy Bot and Ad-Aware


My PHPTriad was working just fine, but is not working
after installing Spy Bot and Ad-Aware. I had a ton of
scumware that was on my PC, and Spy Bot and Ad-
Aware seemed to do a great job of cleaning it up.
However, when I started Apache, then tried to go to
http://localhost, I get a "page not found" error. I de-
installed, then re-installed PHPTriad, but get the same
error. Do you have any suggestions on what I might
do? Thanks.

Bob McCabe, theplanman@juno.com


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    shot down your computer and do not open again!
    this software is working here dude
    i think you have no brain :)

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    don't go to porn sites on your server, infact, don't even
    surf the web on your server silly billy! try openBSD!

  • wonderful sentiments below. the senders should be proud of the level of civility they show.

  • Frickin nerds, could you give some help instead of trying to show yourself like somekind of hotshots?